Heating Oil Hedging, Explained


March 2019 / The year was 1978 and I was a newly-minted bank lending officer at Irving Trust Company in Manhattan. Fresh out of high school and desperate for any type of recognition, I volunteered to join a small group of adventurers involved in introducing a futures contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange (the Exchange) to local heating oil dealers. For the uninitiated, the Exchange opened...

Has Finance Been Fixed


November-December 2018 / Hard as it may be for a state so framed to be shaken, yet, since all that comes into being must decay, even a fabric like this will not endure forever, but will suffer dissolution. — Plato, The Republic Ten years on from the financial crisis (a.k.a Great Recession)—whose beginnings are officially measured from the collapse of Lehman Brothers—we need to take stock of the...



April 2018 / There are no second acts in American lives. — F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Last Tycoon Seemingly defying gravity and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s dour assessment of mankind’s prospects, President Trump is pointing to his Tax Reform effort as the reason money is pouring into America from abroad. Under his tax reform bill U.S. companies can no longer defer paying taxes on profits...

The Ides of March


January 2018 / A soothsayer bids you beware the Ides of March. Brutus to Julius Caesar, Act 1, JULIUS CAESAR  (William Shakespeare, circa 1600) As we fast approach the Ides of March, we need to reflect upon the five crucial energy issues, which will have to be resolved in order for us to formulate an energy policy that is both good for us and for the planet. They are in no particular order of...

Overpriced Assets

Overpriced Assets

November-December 2017 / Almost as if on cue, the Labor Department reported on September 6, 2017 that job creation in the month of September was a negative 33,000 jobs. That means that the economy lost 33,000 jobs in September. The spin artists blamed the hurricanes, the solar eclipse, the blighted orange crop in Florida, and the swarming of bees on Wall Street. But what is overlooked is the...

Ron Spurga, United Metro Energy Corporation

Best-selling financial author, Wall Street investment banker, social commentator, award-winning poet, energy consultant, off-Broadway producer, and community organizer in Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign, Ron Spurga is the ultimate Renaissance Man.

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