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NY Daily News HeaderTrump’s poisonous snake oil  /  July 2016

Manhattan: If there was any lingering hope about Trump’s ability to navigate tricky global economic waters, it was washed away with the $2 trillion of stock market value lost due to the Brexit vote. Most of those losses were in the 401(k) accounts of hard-working blue collar Americans who have put their trust in Trump. His isolationism will cost us dearly, including our savings, but he also will lead us into political chaos. It’s time for the Republican Party to regroup and start thinking about how to help the working class and not just a privileged few. Ron Spurga

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Ron Spurga, United Metro Energy Corporation

Best-selling financial author, Wall Street investment banker, social commentator, award-winning poet, energy consultant, off-Broadway producer, and community organizer in Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign, Ron Spurga is the ultimate Renaissance Man.

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