Factors Affecting Crude Oil Prices


May 2019 / The Arab world is facing its own version of an Iron Curtain, imposed not by external actors but through domestic forces vying for power. — Jamal Khashoggi While America has been a superpower for almost a century, its emergence as a global energy superpower is relatively new. As an illustration, as recently as 2015 it was illegal to export oil. This all changed with the shale boom which...

Heating Oil Hedging, Explained


March 2019 / The year was 1978 and I was a newly-minted bank lending officer at Irving Trust Company in Manhattan. Fresh out of high school and desperate for any type of recognition, I volunteered to join a small group of adventurers involved in introducing a futures contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange (the Exchange) to local heating oil dealers. For the uninitiated, the Exchange opened...

They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead


January 2019 / If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story. — Orson Welles In the world of New York City diesel-based heating oil, the story for No. 6 residual oil came to an end in 2015, while No. 4 oil will be eliminated by 2030. With that looming timetable it is surprising to learn that as many as one-third of all New York buildings are still using No. 4...

Missing Out on Oil’s Rise


JUNE-JULY 2018 / A pity they both can’t lose. — comment on the Iran-Iraq War attributed to Henry Kissinger Despite Henry Kissinger’s almost poetic musings on the geopolitics of oil, the harsh reality remains that crude oil has risen around 10 percent in price since the beginning of 2018, far surpassing estimates of most oil experts in and out of Wall Street. Meanwhile, the business...

Geopolitics of Energy


May 2018 / Safety and certainty in oil lie in variety, and variety alone. — Winston Churchill, after switching the Royal Navy from coal to oil in 1914 Energy continues to loom large in any discussion of the impact of energy flows on the influence and power of nations. We all know and have been told repeatedly that supplies of oil and gas are not infinite. Since the Arab oil embargo of 1973 each...

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